Who We Are?

Subhan Hasanli - participated in the mentoring program within the framework of the European Union Storytelling Program and he is the founder of the project.

Gumru Aliyeva is currently studying for a Master's degree in Conflict and Development at the University of Ghent, Belgium. In 2019, she worked in GIZ in the field of monitoring and coordination within the project of Azerbaijan in the regions, during the time she operated in Barda, Mingachevir, and Agdam regions. She also worked in Y-PEER as an international intern in Bulgaria for 5 months. She is the project manager of the Open Platform project.

Ulviya Ali - She is currently working with VOA as a journalist, having previously worked for "Fakt Yoxla" and "Azadlıq Radio". She is involved in human rights, political and social issues. She makes interviews as a part of the project team and manages the project's SMM.

Aygun Rashid - Collaborates with VOA as a journalist. In addition, she is the founder of the women's documentary project "Sevil". She contributes to the program with interviews and video shooting.

Zulfiyya is graduated from the Academy of Public Administration in Azerbaijan with an undergraduate degree in Economics in 2020. She worked as a Project Coordinator in the Institute for Citizen Rights and initiated her own projects with social goals. She is passionate about Innovation, startups, and social entrepreneurship. Currently, Zulfiya works as a translator and project assistant in the Open Platform project.

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